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Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons (1967–1968)


Known for its advanced techniques with regard to the actual puppets which, for the first time, were totally in correct proportion, i.e. the heads and they had a realism that was eerily lifelike.


Captain Scarlet was probably the ‘darkest’ of the SUPERMARIONATION series.

For some fans this is their favourite series.


The characters I created were very much comic-strip heroes and the Angels were certainly way ahead of their time, long before Charlie’s Angels. Who knows?

Maybe they were inspired by the Captain Scarlet Angels.


Destiny Angel was voiced by Elizabeth Morgan, Symphony Angel was voiced by Janna Hill, Melody Angel was voiced by Sylvia Anderson, Rhapsody Angel was voiced by Elizabeth Morgan, and Harmony Angel was voiced by Lian-Shin.


The Spectrum Personnel Cloudbase Officers were Captain Scarlet who was voiced by Francis Matthews, Captain Blue was voiced by Ed Bishop, Colonel White was voiced by Donald Gray, Captain Ochre was voiced by Jeremy Wilkin, Captain Magenta was voiced by Gary Files, Captain Grey was voiced by Paul Maxwell, Lieutenant Green was voiced by Cy Grant, Captain Brown was voiced by Charles Tingwell and Doctor Fawn was voiced by Charles Tingwell.

We also formed a group called “The Mysterons”. I remember shopping with them for their uniforms and high boots in a theatrical shop in Soho (London) when I was heavily pregnant.


We must have made a bizarre sight, me not far from giving birth, determined to give the group the right look to match the puppets (not an image I really wish to recall!)

And of course for some fans, Captain Black the Mysteron Agent is still their favourite all time villain.


Captain Black was voiced originally Jeremy Wilkin and then by Donald Grey who was also the voice behind ‘This is the ‘Voice of the Mysterons’.



Sylvia Anderson Melody Angel
Ed Bishop Captain Blue
Donald Gray The Mysterons
Francis Matthews Captain Scarlet
Cy Grant Lieutenant Green
Jeremy Wilkin Captain Ochre
Janna Hill Symphony Angel
Paul Maxwell Captain Grey
Elizabeth Morgan Destiny Angel
Martin King Guard
Gary Files Captain Magenta
Charles 'Bud' Tingwell Captain Brown
David Healy Commodore Goddard
Lian-Shin Harmony Angel
Neil McCallum 4th Policeman
Shane Rimmer Confused Partygoer





Series 1, Episode 1
Sep. 29, 1967
The Mysterons

Series 1, Episode 2
Oct. 6, 1967
Winged Assassin
Series 1, Episode 3
Oct. 13, 1967
Big Ben Strikes Again
Series 1, Episode 4
Oct. 20, 1967
Series 1, Episode 5
Oct. 27, 1967
Series 1, Episode 6
Nov. 3, 1967
White as Snow
Series 1, Episode 7
Nov. 10, 1967
The Trap
Series 1, Episode 8
Nov. 17, 1967
Operation Time
Series 1, Episode 9
Nov. 24, 1967
Spectrum Strikes Back

Series 1, Episode 10
Dec. 1, 1967
Special Assignment
Series 1, Episode 11
Dec. 8, 1967
The Heart of New York
Series 1, Episode 12
Dec. 15, 1967
Lunarville 7
Series 1, Episode 13
Dec. 22, 1967
Point 783
Series 1, Episode 14
Dec. 29, 1967
Model Spy
Series 1, Episode 15
Jan. 5, 1968
Seek and Destroy
Series 1, Episode 16
Jan. 19, 1968
Renegade Rocket
Series 1, Episode 17
Jan. 26, 1968
Crater 101
Series 1, Episode 18
Feb. 2, 1968
Shadow of Fear
Series 1, Episode 19
Feb. 9, 1968
Dangerous Rendezvous
Series 1, Episode 20
Feb. 16, 1968
Fire at Rig 15
Series 1, Episode 21
Feb. 23, 1968
Treble Cross
Series 1, Episode 22
Mar. 1, 1968
Flight 104
Series 1, Episode 23
Mar. 8, 1968
Place of Angels
Series 1, Episode 24
Mar. 12, 1968
Noose of Ice
Series 1, Episode 25
Mar. 26, 1968
Expo 2068
Series 1, Episode 26
Apr. 2, 1968
The Launching
Series 1, Episode 27
Apr. 9, 1968
Codename Europa
Series 1, Episode 28
Apr. 16, 1968

Series 1, Episode 29
Apr. 23, 1968
Series 1, Episode 30
Apr. 30, 1968
Flight to Atlantica
Series 1, Episode 31
May 7, 1968
Attack on Cloudbase
Series 1, Episode 32
May 14, 1968
The Inquisition

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