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David Graham     …    Bill Gibson / … (39 episodes, 1961-1962)
Graydon Gould     …    Mike Mercury / … (39 episodes, 1961-1962)
Sylvia Anderson     …    Jimmy Gibson / … (39 episodes, 1961-1962)
George Murcell     …    Professor Rudolph Popkiss / … (26 episodes, 1961)
Cyril Shaps     …    Masterspy / … (13 episodes, 1961-1962)


Episode guide

Season 1

Series 1, Episode 1
Jan. 28, 1961

Series 1, Episode 2
Mar. 4, 1961
Amazonian Adventure
Mitch, Jimmy's pet monkey, has taken ill. Jeff needs to undertake a dangerous mission to South America using the still largely untested Supercar to locate a plant needed to save Mitch's life.

Series 1, Episode 3
Feb. 18, 1961
The Talisman of Sargon
The Supercar team are called on to try and stop Master Spy from getting control of the Talisman of Sargon, an ancient artifact that is claimed will deliver ultimate wisdom and power to whoever owns it.

Series 1, Episode 4
Feb. 11, 1961
False Alarm
The Supercar team receive a distress call instigated by Master Spy to rescue two geologist trapped in the mountains. Master spy's plan is to lure the team away the car, then allow him to steal the vehicle and learn all its secrets.

Series 1, Episode 5
Feb. 25, 1961
What Goes Up
A high altitude balloon test goes wrong and Supercar is called on to exceed all its design parameters in an attempt to intercept the balloon before a greater disaster occurs if the balloon crashes back to Earth.

Series 1, Episode 6
Mar. 25, 1961
Keep It Cool
Dr Beaker is escorting a dangerous load of explosives when Masterspy sets a trap that forces the truck carrying the load to first become lost then disabled. While the temperature stays below 10 degrees Celsius, there will be no issues with the explosives. With dawn approaching and the refrigeration unit running out of power Supercar launches a desperate rescue attempt

Series 1, Episode 7
Mar. 18, 1961
The Supercar project has moved to England to install new control circuits for the guidance system. A disgruntled employee steals the units effectively grounding Supercar giving him breathing room to make good his escape.

Series 1, Episode 8
Apr. 1, 1961
Jungle Hazard
Superspy looks to purchase an estate in Malaysia, owned by Miss Farnsworth, cousin of Dr Beaker. He hears of potential sale and instantly realizes the danger Miss Farnsworth is in. Supercar is deployed in a desperate rescue mission to both stop the sale and ensure Miss Farnsworth's safety

Series 1, Episode 9
Apr. 8, 1961
High Tension
Master Spy kidnaps Dr Beaker and the contacts the Supercar organization with a ransom demand. Dr Beaker for the car. Mike decides to try and save Dr Beaker but Superspy has plans to stop the rescue attempt.

Series 1, Episode 10
May 13, 1961
A Little Art
Counterfeiters, in search of special plates used to make American dollars, realize the location of the plates are revealed in a painting just sold to Dr Beaker. They need to get the painting back no matter what the cost.

Series 1, Episode 11
Apr. 22, 1961
The team receive an anonymous call for help from an island in the Pacific. At first Mike is skeptical and suspects another trap being laid by Superspy. When he arrives he discovers a true emergency and a surprising turn of events.

Series 1, Episode 12
Apr. 15, 1961
Island Incident
The Supercar team decide to go on a picnic in the mountains. Doctor Beaker decides to combine business with please and intends to investigate an underground frozen water fall. Beaker makes a startling discovery then becomes trapped due to a rock fall

Series 1, Episode 13
Jul. 29, 1961
The Tracking of Masterspy
Masterspy makes another attempt to steal the secrets of Supercar. He arranges to gain false press credentials and penetrate the facility. Dr Beaker happily allows Superspy to take everything he wants – The Doctor doesn't tell Masterspy what some of the equipment does, but Masterspy is about to find out

Series 1, Episode 14
Apr. 29, 1961
Phantom Piper
Dr Beaker receives a call from his cousin Felicity about a ghostly Bag Piper player she is hearing during the night. The identity of the piper seems to indicates they are dealing with a ghost. The Supercar team thinks otherwise and heads to Scotland to investigate

Series 1, Episode 15
May 27, 1961
Deep Seven
The Supercar team begin extending the Supercars range by testing its underwater abilities. During one of these tests the craft begins to experience a series malfunctions and Mike suddenly finds himself in a life and death situation

Series 1, Episode 16
May 6, 1961
Pirate Plunder
The Supercar team get involved in a sting operation to attempt to capture a pirate – Black Morgan operating in the Pacific Ocean. The team get the co-operation of a millionaire pearl fisherman to create a bait tempting enough for Morgan to act.

Series 1, Episode 17
May 20, 1961
Flight of Fancy
Jimmy falls asleep reading about the missing princess of Barania. He wakes and decides to steal Supercar to launch a daring rescue operation. Suddenly Mike can speak English and the pair encounter stranger and stranger circumstances as the continue their quest

Series 1, Episode 18
Jun. 3, 1961
Dr Beaker while visiting Ireland stumbles across two criminals who kidnap a local inn keeper's daughter. The Supercar team springs into action to launch a bold rescue bid. Unfortunately the Supercar team don't realize the criminals are more aware of their actions than they thought

Series 1, Episode 19
Jun. 10, 1961
The Sunken Temple
Doctor Beaker and the Supercar team get invited to join an underwater exploration of an ancient temple. As their plans progress locals warn the team not to dive on the site or their will be consequences. Ignoring the warnings they continue to dive, and discover the real reason behind the warnings

Series 1, Episode 20
Jun. 24, 1961
Trapped in the Depths
The US Navy are testing a new deep dive bathysphere when disaster strikes putting the crew in peril. Using a new invention the Supercar team spring into action in a daring attempt to save the trapped crew.

Series 1, Episode 21
Jul. 22, 1961
Crash Landing
Supercar crashes while on a test flight, stranding the team in a dangerous jungle over night while Dr Beaker affects repair.

Series 1, Episode 22
Jul. 1, 1961
Dragon of Ho Meng
Supercar is forced to land in a remote part of China due to a storm. The team discovers they are not alone as they explore an ancient temple.

Series 1, Episode 23
Jun. 17, 1961
The Lost City
While on a journey to the South Pole Supercar comes under the control of a strange force that overrides the Supercar controls and forces it to land on a remote island. As they explore the island they discover who is behind these strange events and the danger they are in.

Series 1, Episode 24
Jul. 8, 1961
Magic Carpet
While Supercar is being tested with a new remote control system, word comes through that the Prince of Karakan (A nation in central Asia) is desperately in need of first aid and the Supercar team launches a goodwill mission to save him.

Series 1, Episode 25
Aug. 5, 1961
The White Line
The Supercar team are asked to help solve a series of bank robberies that seem to be done by the Hoyle brothers. The robberies occur with frightening speed, and always seem to end in an automobile accident, though no bodies are ever found.

Series 1, Episode 26
Jul. 15, 1961
Supercar Take One
Dr Beaker decides to make a movie about Supercar, however when the watch the developed film they discover information that could put the future of the United States in danger.

Season 2

Series 2, Episode 1
Feb. 4, 1962
The Runaway Train
Beiker and Hopkiss are invited to test drive a new atomic train. They discover the train has been sabotaged and Supercar is needed to try and save them using a new tool recently developed for the United States Army.

Series 2, Episode 2
Feb. 11, 1962
Precious Cargo
Dr Beiker decides to order a case of wine from France to try and add something to his poor cooking skills. When the crate arrives it contains something far more valuable than wine.

Series 2, Episode 3
Feb. 18, 1962
Operation Superstork
Dr Beiker along with Jimmy undertake a flight in Beiker's latest project – a balloon. Unfortunately the balloon is accidentally released from its moorings by Mitch and Supercar is launched in a desperate attempt to save them.

Series 2, Episode 4
Feb. 25, 1962
A new jetliner is hijacked with Dr Beiker and Jimmy on board. Rather than try to save the jetliner, Super car is used to convince the person organizing the hijack to change their mind.

Series 2, Episode 5
Mar. 4, 1962
Calling Charlie Queen
The Supercar team pick up a strange radio message that seems to indicate some one is in need of help. With little or no information the team sets out to solve the mystery.

Series 2, Episode 6
Mar. 11, 1962
Space for Mitch

Series 2, Episode 7
Mar. 18, 1962
The Sky's the Limit
Master Spy now rich beyond his wildest dreams decides rather than steal Supercar he will just outright purchase the car. Unfortunately for him, Dr Beiker has decided Supercar can not be purchased for any price.

Series 2, Episode 8
Mar. 25, 1962

Series 2, Episode 9
Apr. 1, 1962
Atomic Witch Hunt

Series 2, Episode 10
Apr. 8, 1962
Jail Break

Series 2, Episode 11
Apr. 15, 1962
The Day That Time Stood Still

Series 2, Episode 12
Apr. 22, 1962
Transatlantic Cable

Series 2, Episode 13
Apr. 29, 1962
King Kool

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