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Paul Maxwell     …    Colonel Steve Zodiac / … (39 episodes, 1962-1963)
Sylvia Anderson     …    Doctor Venus / … (39 episodes, 1962-1963)
David Graham     …    Lieutenant Ninety / … (39 episodes, 1962-1963)
John Bluthal     …    Commander Wilbur Zero / … (39 episodes, 1962-1963)
Gerry Anderson     …    Robert the Robot / … (37 episodes, 1962-1963)

Episode Guide

Season 1

Series 1, Episode 1
Oct. 28, 1962
Planet 46
A spacecraft carrying an atomic device much more powerful than a hydrogen bomb approaches Earth. The World Space Patrol sends Fireball XL-5, piloted by Steve Zodiac, to intercept. It turns out the spacecraft is manned and is carrying out a suicide mission. Zodiac destroys the spacecraft and is instructed to travel to the craft's source — Planet 46.

Series 1, Episode 2
Nov. 4, 1962
The Doomed Planet
While dodging a runaway planet out of its orbit, the crew of Fireball XL5 discovers it is on a crash course to the planet Membrono. Assuming the planet is deserted before the crash, Steve discovers after seeing a flying saucer that this planet needs help to avoid the fatal impact…

Series 1, Episode 3
Nov. 11, 1962
Space Immigrants
A duo of wacky aliens, the Lilispatians, captures the commander of XL-7 for hostage to trap the upcoming "Mayflower 3" immigrant spaceship, in order to turn the occupants into slaves for their planet.

Series 1, Episode 4
Nov. 18, 1962
Plant Man from Space
The evil Dr.Rootes provoke an incident at Space City Power Plant in order that an alien space ship bring a plant seed which invades the planet. Steve, Venus and Matt must accompany Dr.Rootes to Planet Hedra in order to get an antidote to this sudden vegetal invasion…

Series 1, Episode 5
Nov. 25, 1962
Spy in Space
A rogue spaceship wrecks the Space City patrol rockets including XL9. Steve, Venus and Professor Matic comes to this spaceship, to discover a couple of weird criminals, Boris and Griselda, known as "Space Spy", who attempts to steal XL5 from them

Series 1, Episode 6
Dec. 2, 1962
The Sun Temple
Unsatisfied with the destruction of meteorites around their planet, the evil Rejuscans use their planet's Sun to destroy the missiles. Once Fireball XL-5 Jr. comes to the planet to see what's going on, the aliens abduct Venus and put her for their next sacrifice to their Sun rays…

Series 1, Episode 7
Dec. 9, 1962
XL5 to H20
An amphibian alien tries to kill the survivors of a water planet. As they received the call for help, Steve, Venus and Professor Matic comes to their rescue.

Series 1, Episode 8
Dec. 16, 1962
Space Pirates
While babysitting Commander Zero's son, Venus tells him the story of some Space Pirates, who are living in a desert planet, stole some water from Space City, and also abducted Steve for ransom to get more water.

Series 1, Episode 9
Dec. 23, 1963
Flying Zodiac
While Steve recalls his family circus days, Venus dreams of a circus show, where Steve would perform as a trapeze artist. However, the Space Spys Griselda and Boris, dressed as performers, are plotting to kill Colonel Zodiac and let invade a clan of Space Gypsies into Space City…

Series 1, Episode 10
Dec. 30, 1962
Space Pen
Space gangsters rob Steve's apartment and the isotope warehouse in Space City. Steve, Venus and Professor Matic must go to the Pen Planet to deal with them, but they might be up for a deadly surprise.

Series 1, Episode 11
Jan. 6, 1963
Space Monster
The pilots of XL-9 are stranded on a planet where their spaceship got wrecked by a giant Space Monster. Receiving their call, Steve and the crew, including Zoonie, are up to get the stranded pilots while trying to dodge the vicious monster's attack.

Series 1, Episode 12
Jan. 13, 1963
The Last of the Zanadus
Returning from a 10-year space exploring mission, a friend of Steve's is unaware that he is under mind control to the last of the Zanadu people, who sworn revenge on the Lazoons. He tries to kill Zoonie by poisoning the creature. However, the only cure is to go to a remote planet where the explorer was abducted by the strange alien…

Series 1, Episode 13
Jan. 20, 1963
Planet of Platonia
Bizann, leader of Planet Platonia, wants to trade the precious Platinum deposits with Earth. However, his enemy Ginerva makes several attempts on his life. Steve and the crew arrive on the planet, but an unsuspecting aide, Volvo, attacks Robert the Robot on guard and plants a bomb in Fireball Junior.

Series 1, Episode 14
Jan. 27, 1963
The Triads
The World Space Patrol sees some rockets exploding in a planet outside Sector 25. Commander Zero asks Steve and his crew to investigate on Planet Triad for the cause of these strange explosions.

Series 1, Episode 15
Feb. 3, 1963
Wings of Danger
To avenge the capture of their chief on Planet 46, the Plutonians send a radio controlled metal bird to Space City in order to kill Steve Zodiac with Radium capsules.

Series 1, Episode 16
Feb. 10, 1963
Convict in Space
Space Rogue Devlin stole secret plans in a base and is captured by Steve Zodiac. The latter takes XL-5 to bring him to Space Pen, however, they meet the Space Spys Boris and Griselda, who set a trap in a camouflage ship and abduct Professor Mattic. As they got Devlin, who promised to share the plans with them, they go to a volcanic planet which is about to erupt to take the plans and abandon the Professor to a fiery destiny. Can Steve arrive in time to save the professor and arrest the Space Rogues ?

Series 1, Episode 17
Feb. 17, 1963
Space Vacation
While on vacation, Steve must cope with rulers of rival planets Olympus and Kymber, in which an incident might cost lives of Venus and mostly Professor Matic, held as hostages by each of the rulers…

Series 1, Episode 18
Feb. 24, 1963
Flight to Danger
Lieutenant Ninety is learning to be an astronaut with Steve's help. His last test is a solo orbital flight around the Moon. However, the test spaceship has its atomic control out of order, which puts it on fire during the flight. Steve and the crew must attempt to save him from the fiery capsule…

Series 1, Episode 19
Mar. 3, 1963
Prisoner on the Lost Planet
As they received an help call transmission from an unchartered planet, Steve and the crew go outside Sector 25 to a volcanic planet, where an exiled Amazon Queen is held as a lone prisoner.

Series 1, Episode 20
Mar. 10, 1963
The Forbidden Planet
Professor Matic and Dr.Stamp are working on a space station capable of observing other planets. However, the close planet of Nutopia does not like this kind of intrusion and abducts both men. It's up to Steve, Venus and Fireball XL5 to come and rescue them…

Series 1, Episode 21
Mar. 17, 1963
Robert to the Rescue
Professor Matic founds a planet on his new telescope, though it is not caught on the World Patrol space scanner. Steve, Venus and the Professor take XL5 to the so-called planet, which is a metal star inhabited by evil aliens, who abducts the crew, and try to get rid of Robert the Robot…

Series 1, Episode 22
Mar. 24, 1963
Dangerous Cargo
Exploring the crumbling planet Pharos where a Ciluvium mine used to be, Steve and the crew obtain permission from the World Space Patrol to blow it up with a dangerous explosive called Vesuvium 9, so dangerous that Professor Matic is afraid of it. Taking a mischievous Zoonie with them, the crew does not know that some enemies of Steve Zodiac, the aliens of Planet 46, awaits for them for a deadly cave-in with the bomb itself…

Series 1, Episode 23
Mar. 31, 1963
Mystery of the TA2
Back from a patrol, Steve and the crew discover the wreck of Rocket TA2, which exploded 50 years before. Assuming that the lost pilot, Colonel Delton, might be alive, they go to a remote icy planet where other perils await them.

Series 1, Episode 24
Apr. 7, 1963
Drama at Space City
Steve and Venus leave Zoonie to Commander Zero's son Jonathan while on vacation. However, one night, Jonathan and Zoonie go on board Fireball XL5 while the Professor's deep asleep and accidentally orders Robert to blast off the spaceship.

Series 1, Episode 25
Apr. 14, 1963
Professor Matic is building a time machine and tested Robert to go back to 1875. As he wants to keep it a secret, he leaves the key to lieutenant Ninety. However, curious Commander Zero, Steve and Venus persuade Ninety to give out the key. As the explore the new machine, a rather negligent Zoonie press the button and they are sent to 1875 in a Western town.

Series 1, Episode 26
Apr. 21, 1963
The Granatoid Tanks
On Planet 73, a couple of mineral researchers are about to be attacked by Granatoids using tanks to destroy everything on the planet. Steve and the crew take Fireball XL5 to rescue them, but they must also cope with an unlikely stowaway on the spaceship…

Series 1, Episode 27
Apr. 28, 1963
The Robot Freighter Mystery
Some robot freighters were reported sabotaged in some mysterious ways. Commander Zero suspects a Salvage Company in which their freighter always accidentally gets in the area and gets bounty for the salvaged cargo. To find out proof that the owners, the Brigg Brothers, are behind this, Zero puts Steve in charge of this case…

Series 1, Episode 28
May 5, 1963
Whistle for Danger
To restore vegetation on a contaminated deserted planet, the crew of Fireball XL5 let explode a bomb into their atmosphere. However, the resident aliens are in doubt of this procedure and captures Steve, Venus and the Professor during a meal while Zoonie is playing with a whistle on board the space ship, unaware he released accidentally a deadly gas…

Series 1, Episode 29
May 12, 1963
Trial by Robot
Sudden disappearances of robots from planets are reported to the World Space Patrol. Though a robot expert like Professor Himber can be harmless, he is suspected of these abductions. To try to trap him, Robert the Robot is sent into space, where he is lured to a planet called Robotvia. Steve, Venus and Professor Matt follows the robot at their own risk, unaware that the planet's Master might be someone they know…

Series 1, Episode 30
May 19, 1963
A Day in the Life of a Space General
Tired of Commander Zero's fiery behaviour, Lieutenant Ninety dreams that he is a General in charge of Space City and the World Space Patrol, and having Zero under his command. However, his overruling might cause trouble that he never thought before…

Series 1, Episode 31
May 26, 1963
Invasion Earth
A mysterious cloud roam into Space. Having destroyed XL18 then XL24, it comes to Earth as the Aliens invade Space City on arrival. The crew of Fireball XL5 is waiting in Space for the right moment for its move to stop the invasion.

Series 1, Episode 32
Jun. 2, 1963
Faster Than Light
En route to Space Station 9 to bring supplies, Fireball XL5 has unstable engine trouble and goes faster than light speed. Steve, Venus and the Professor along with Zoonie goes out of range and finds themselves in a uncharted space field.

Series 1, Episode 33
Jun. 9, 1963
The Day the Earth Froze
The crew of Fireball XL27 arrives to Space City on a coma status. A note indicates that Planet Zavia is a threat to Earth and Steve, Venus and the Professor take Fireball XL5 to this icy planet. However, the inhabitants of this planet are planning a revenge on Earth men by sending a ray powerful enough to block Sun rays on Earth and start a new Ice Age…

Series 1, Episode 34
Jun. 16, 1963
The Fire Fighters
A mysterious cloud sends fiery balls to Earth and causes fires to many areas. While investigating this, Fireball XL5 is victim of one of these balls and is out of order. Professor Matic has an idea to use a device to vacuum the cloud before it causes more damages, like Venus' beach house….

Series 1, Episode 35
Jun. 23, 1963
Space City Special
The Aliens of Planet 46, wanting to destroy Space City and take revenge of Steve Zodiac, abducts and brainwash a Supersonic plane pilot which is about to bring a General for a special ceremony. Little they know Doctor Venus is on the same flight and suspects the behaviour of the pilot. In the meanwhile, a TV crew is making a news report on the World Space Patrol, an idea that does not please Commander Zero…

Series 1, Episode 36
Oct. 6, 1963
Ghosts of Space
Fireball XL5 brings explorer Fraser to Planet Electon, where there is sediments of Electric rock. However, he has to stay in a Ghost Town. Three months later, as Fireball XL5 comes to bring him back to Earth, Fraser has become very greedy due to its discovery and refuses to leave without its share of rocks. In the meanwhile, Elf-like aliens from neighbouring Planet Globeris are probably behind some strange happenings done in the Ghost Town in order to harvest the precious electric rocks…

Series 1, Episode 37
Oct. 13, 1963
Hypnotic Sphere
A strange sphere passes by spaceships and puts pilots in a trance. After an incident with tanker EF24 in which the pilots were in this state, Steve and the crew must inquire this strange phenomenon, especially that it might come from an icy planet where a "brain" tries to conquer Space with these balls…

Series 1, Episode 38
Oct. 20, 1963
Coming back to Earth after a patrol, Fireball XL5 is sabotaged by a bomb. While the crew tries to repair the spaceship, a gamma ray sent by an alien from Planet Electra paralyses them and are brought over there, where a so-called advanced alien civilisation tells them of their plans to conquer Earth.

Series 1, Episode 39
Oct. 27, 1963
Space Magnet
Super magnet grabs XL7 and the moon. Steve Zodiac and XL5 track them to Magnetic planet and an alien race – the Solars.

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