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For the details and for who
provided the voices for the
characters, please see the
list below.
From left to right

Lady P’s butler, chauffeur and factotum
(Parker’s actual first name was Aloysius, he was also known as “Nosey” Parker)
Voice by David Graham

Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward
International Rescue’s London Agent
Voice by Sylvia Anderson

Alan Tracy
Pilot of Thunderbird 3
Voice by Matt Zimmerman

Scott Tracy
Pilot of Thunderbird 1
Voice by Shane Rimmer

Jeff Tracy
Head of the Tracy family and founder of International Rescue
Voice by Peter Dyneley

Tin-Tin Kyrano
Works very closely with Brains on Tracy Island
Voice by Christine Finn (Christine Finn also provided the voice for Grandma)

Gordon Tracy
Aquanaut of Thunderbird 4
Voice by David Graham

(Also went under the alias of Mr Hiram K Hackenbacker)
Voice by David Graham

Virgil Tracy
Pilot of Thunderbird 2
Voice by David Holliday
(In 1966 Virgil’s voice was provided by Jeremy Wilkin)

John Tracy
Manned Thunderbird 5
Voice by Ray Barrett (Ray Barrett also provided the voice of The Hood)

Most of the actors above also provided the voices for several other minor characters
and David Graham also provided the voice for Kyrano.

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