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The Last Word

In the ’60’s only a Rolls Royce was the ultimate status
symbol (and it was British manufactured!) so FAB 1
represented all that was classy and tasteful.
However, since that time a “Roller” has come to symbolise “loadsamoney” and not
necessarily good taste – and it’s not even British made! Don’t get me wrong, they still
are prestigious cars but more likely to be owned by flashy salesmen than the likes
of the Lady Penelope set.

I drove a Rolls Royce in the 60’s and 70’s but it was fast becoming outdated by the
‘new kids on the block”, the 4×4’s and the sleek Japanese saloons. For the movie,
ever ahead in fashion, Lady P opted for the “bespoke” Ford FAB 1, with the approval of
Parker, who had a hand in the sleek design.

So, in answer to the critics of the new FAB 1, just take Parker and Lady P’s word for it,
it really is FAB and handles very well!

As Parker says “we’ve got to move with the times
M’Lady”, to which she replies “I couldn’t agree more
with you Parker, FAB.”

With apologies to any sales persons reading.

Sylvia Anderson

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