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If you are puzzled by the inclusion on the cover of real life celebrities standing alongside the legendary “mini” stars


My FAB Years will reveal the full story!

Several years ago, I wrote YES M’LADY as my tribute to the team of multi-talented young artists and technicians who contributed so greatly to our success in the new SUPERMARIONATION field. Often, in the re-telling of the story, many of the key members of our team have not been given the prominence they deserve. By writing about them in YES M’LADY, I’m pleased to say I was able to redress the balance.


Over a period of years, we made hundreds of hours of entertainment that became cult viewing. THUNDERBIRDS, in particular, captured the public’s imagination with the adventures of International Rescue, headed by JEFF TRACY at their secret South Pacific Island HQ, and by the glamorous LADY PENELOPE, her side-kick PARKER and her PINK ROLLS ROYCE at the Stately Home London base, her home Creighton-Ward Manor.


I hope you enjoy sharing with me my personal journey from the early SUPERMARIONATION days to the present in My FAB Years. I’ve also included many new pictures from my private collection that will illustrate the various stages (behind the scenes) of my career.


This coffee table book, measuring 32cm x 32cm (12” x 12”) makes a treasured addition to the collectors of THUNDERBIRDS memorabilia.


But you don’t have to be a fan to enjoy this glimpse of life in front and behind the camera.


Although real life celebs are included in my story, I still have a deep affection for the ‘mini stars’ who featured so prominently in the beginning of My FAB Years!

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